snow removal

As of late I've become somewhat educated on the four different types/ways of removing snow. This may be an "a-ha" moment for some of the readers and others may already know this. However, it has made my removal process much quicker. The four types:
- snow plow (you know the huge machines you see clearing the road that shoot gravel and salt at your car)
- snow blower (personal machine to throw the snow from your driveway, but not the best way of getting the bottom layer off the driveway)
- snow shovel (known to everyone and hated by most people for the laborious work associated with it)
- snow pusher (often confused with a snow shovel but quite different in its utility)

Here are pictures of the last two types:

I truly think that everyone needs both. Oh, and perhaps a square-mouth shovel for the really stubborn ice that just won't move.

movie trailers

Have you ever just taken a look at the list of movies coming out in the next while and been like "man! I need/want to go see like 20 movies in the next few months!" That is how I feel.