pictures, pictures, pictures

We finally got all of our September pictures on our site Check out the awesome pictures of our sweet little girl.

bucket list item - check!

One of the items on my bucket list was to buy Riki a grand piano. Though we didn't get a grand piano, we still bought a nice upright. We got it from a piano sale at the South Towne Exposition Center. I told Riki we could get one as long as she played it every day when I came home. Here is a picture of the pianist with her new piano:

Who would have thought!?

Isn't it a funny thing that I posted "am I a daddy yet?" on the 13th and had our baby on the 14th?! Emersen Rose Lyman was born on September 14, 2008 at 3:27 p.m. I'm currently in the process of writing everything down about her birth that I can for remembrance. I'll post that as soon as I am done for anyone interested. Here's a cute picture of her:

She is already a week old and it all seems a blur; probably because night and day are the same right now cause we sleep whenever we can.

anything better?

Is there anything better than a homegrown peach? I would submit that there is not.

Chips and Cantaloupe

Based on my expert experience in the realm of husband and wife relationships and marriage after my one year of marriage I would submit that a marriage needs to survive episodes of chips and cantaloupe. Within the first few months of our marriage my wife got a small glimpse of my strangeness. For whatever reason I have always loved potato chips in any flavor. I don't know if my body runs off salt or what causes the insatiable appetite for chips but the appetite exists. One perfectly wonderful evening Riki came home and put a good deal of effort into making our dinner. From the advance preparations of planning, purchasing and emotionally preparing to the actual conception of the meal. Upon setting the table with everything ready I went to the cupboard and grabbed a bag of chips. NO WHERE in Riki's preparations was chips to be included. Why would her husband DESTROY such a well-intentioned loved-cooked meal with CHIPS!?!? The answer, I can't say. My additional on-the-fly add-on to our meal received a less than enthusiastic feeling from Riki. Fortunately our relationship didn't come to an abrupt end with that.

As for the cantaloupe, almost the exact same situation as above. The only difference is that as we were serving up our food onto our plates I didn't grab any cantaloupe.
Riki asked "do you want cantaloupe?"
"Umm, sure."
"Do you not like cantaloupe?"
"Not really."
To which Riki slowly broke down. I thought Riki was upset at me for something else. I'm sure pregnancy had a part to play in this one.

Now, if your marriage can handle chips and cantaloupe, then it can handle anything. That is my expert advice!

Side Note - did you know that Lays Potato Chips are the "healthiest" potato chip? They contain only three ingredients: salt, oil, and potatos. You seriously can NEVER eat just one!

What is up?

If you were to ask me 'what is up?' this is what I would tell you...

Well, we are just about to have our first baby. She is due on September 24th and everything is looking really good. We are both uber excited to have her come. She already moves so much and I wonder if that is any indication of how she'll be when she gets out. We have almost everything ready in the nursery. Riki had me paint the walls, paint the crib (that we got for FREE!) and make a toy chest/window seat. We'll post pictures as soon as the smaller stuff is ready. Now we just need to figure out a name for her. Secretly, I think I'm just going to let Riki pick the name.

I'm currently a student up at the University of Utah and am loving it! I really could attend full time school for the rest of my life. I really enjoy learning. I'm currently working on a minor in business and am taking classes like Finance, Accounting, Markteting, and Management. I'll be finished with my minor after two more classes next semester, so I'll take a couple of art classes to fill my schedule. I'm planning on applying to the Architecture program next year. Oh, and I take the TRAX to and from school and love it. I was just putting in my headphones and tuning out the world when I decided that that was a waste of time. I felt that I could use the time to talk with people and just see what they are doing, perhaps brighten their day or share the Gospel. Now wouldn't that be better use of my time?!

I am also still working doing my own business ventures. During the housing slow down most of our business stopped. We are currently working on a few real estate ventures to try our hand in that. We are also gearing up for the holiday lights season, which I really enjoy! You better believe that our new home will have a bunch of lights on it. Our neighbors across the street from us said that they wanted to sit in their front room so they can look at our lights.

We had Church Stake Conference recently and the Stake President gave us a suggestion to read in the scriptures for 15 minutes every day. So far, I have only missed one day. Sometimes I do the reading on my phone and sometimes I read the scriptures in Portuguese.

All summer I fought our grass and mostly I won, but the war still rages! Rather, it wasn't just the grass I was fighting but also everything else that wanted to grow there. I am most surely decided that without fertilizer, no lawn will ever look good.

Was that a pretty good answer to your 'what's up?' question?