This is soooo funny!

Zions Bank recently joined the custom card craze and they are offering one card for free so I decided to get a custom card. Here is what it will look like:

I can't wait for it to come!

3 Projects at Once

I'm currently working on three projects at the same time, well actually a bunch more, but these three are the main ones: toy chest/window seat, paint bucket office cubby, and the coolest play room ever!

The Toy Chest/Window Seat:

This will go in the new baby's room. Riki is going to either make or just buy the seat cover itself. Right now it only has the prime coat on it. This particular project has been taking me about 10 days.

The Paint Bucket Office Cubby:

Riki saw this particular project on Martha Stewart's Living site and told me that I should build one for her. I kept a bunch of paint cans to use, but I think we may just need to buy new ones so that we don't have to take all that time to clean them.

The Coolest Play Room Ever!:

Now this is a project that unless you see it for yourself, you probably won't be able to understand how cool it really is from pictures. This whole project is under our stairs. The first picture is from the side that will become a blanket closet. The other is sort of that ceiling of the room. To open this play room I redid a bit of the framing to allow more space under there and added a few more supports on the sides. There will be an entry way for this room that will be about 2.5'x3'. I'm also going to add a little closet space and a shelf. Again, I just don't think that you can conceptualize it without coming to see it.

Some of my other projects include: a bit of landscape updating, a few electrical changes to our liking, fixing sprinklers, changing a few flower beds, etc. MAN, I LOVE HAVING A HOUSE!!!

Those on the other side

Quite a few times in my life I've felt those of my family who have passed onto the other side. It is always a very familiar feeling, a bit different than feeling the Holy Ghost and yet similar. My family has a bit of a proud heritage that stretches back many generations. Even those generations that are still alive are quite close. I know and am quite close with more of my second cousins then most people are with their first cousins.

Today, during our annual family get-together, a.k.a. M.D.B., we were practicing a song that we're going to sing in church tomorrow called "No Empty Chairs at our Table", or something like that. But it is a really pretty song and it made me feel that sealing connection that binds generations. I remember REALLY coming to know what exactly it is when I was in the Sao Paulo Temple during the first part of my mission and I realized that the sealing connection between me and my family 5,000 miles away is so very real. I could feel the tugging. That was also when I was told that I didn't need to worry about my safety during my mission and I was just to get to work! I know I was watched after.

It seems that every time that connection is felt with those on the other side, I realized how insignificant many things are in my life that I give attention to. Nothing that we have here on this Earth physically can compare to what we can have there. I really want nothing more then to have no empty chairs at our table.

Right now I'm reading the biography of Amasa M. Lyman written by his grandson and I'm absolutely loving how the author basically just tells us the man that we come through and that if we don't understand his life and what he went through then we don't understand ourselves. I'm growing a great admiration for Amasa Lyman. I can't wait to read the other family history books.

Oh that I were an angel and could sing!

I tell you what, when I get to heaven I'm going to get/have the most beautiful voice and I'm gonna sing for everyone! If you've ever heard or seen The Forgotten Carols then you'll remember that part about that little angel that couldn't sing and just had to find his voice and then when he did sing it amazed everyone. That is going to be me!

About having a girl

When I told everyone that we are going to have a girl, one of the guys told me this. "Any guy can make a boy, but it takes a real man to make a girl." So there!

Best and Worst

Best thing is the Curitiba Temple will be open to the public starting tomorrow. Worst thing is I won't be able to go.

kicking around

Well, it's almost 5 a.m. and of course, I'm awake. I went to bed earlyish last night and I knew that I would be up around this time. By earlyish, I mean 11:00. Right now I'm just sitting on my couch in the front room and wanted to post a few thoughts.

-I love our neighbors!
-Can I just magically have all the projects done in my house that I would like to get done?
-I need to get the moving pictures from my mom and put them on our site.
-How long will I actually live in this house? Ever since high school I've never stayed in one place longer than a few months.
-Why is it that suddenly A&W root beer with ice tastes soooooo good?!
-How much time do I need to read all of the books in our study?
-I just love my wife more and more every day!
-Don't bother me this coming Saturday, I'll be working in the yard for most of the day while Riki is shopping with her mother and sister.
-I think life is only 5% what actually happens and 95% what we think about it.
-This is what someone told me when I said we we're going to have a girl: "Any guy can make a boy, but it takes a real man to make a girl." So there!
-I still think that the word love doesn't need any other adjective to help describe it, like unconditional or pure, etc.