On my plate

My mother wrote a post about things that are going on in her life called "on my plate". I'm going to give it a whirl.

On my plate:
-We just found out tonight that we will be having a little baby girl. I'm pretty excited! I have to admit that I was hoping for a boy, but it will be awesome either way. In my family there are six boys and 1 girl, of the boys that have had kids they had girls first and the girl had a boy first. Did that make sense? Goes to show you that fate was inevitable.
-I just took my last final for this semester and am THRILLED that it is over. I was planning on taking a bunch of classes this summer but I became incredibly burnt out when I tried to sell a condo, move to a new house, finish finals and run a business all in the same week. Don't any of you ever try doing that!
-I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE! It seriously is pretty darn cool. Everything looks great. I've spent the past couple of days making trips to the Dome Hepot (yes, I meant to do that) to buy things that we've needed, like: storage shelves for storage room, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, dusk timer for porch light, shovel, broom, hand broom, gas can for lawnmower, towel racks, etc. Still a few more items on the list, but we're almost there.
-We will close on our condo tomorrow and it will be nice to be finally done with everything! Riki said that she never wants to sell anything ever again, I couldn't agree with her more.
-I'm currently trying to decide what I would like to do for school next year. It is probably the hardest choice of my life. If there wasn't so many choices, then maybe I could make up my mind. AHHHHHH!
-My buddy Joe and I are still working on our window and door business. Things took a hard turn during the housing slump but are getting better. In the meantime we've been working on fixing up Joe's house to sell it because he and his family will be moving to Clearfield as soon as they can.

I think that takes care of the main things in my life.

Email Smeemail

Now more than ever I agree with the saying, "Never tackle an issue through email."

Our zootastic day

Today Riki, me, her cousin, her cousin's husband and daughter all went to Hogle Zoo. I think the last time I went there I couldn't really remember anything so it must have been a long time ago. We had a great time in the warmer weather. I particularly liked the camels, rhinos and all the primates. I would definitely have one of those small monkeys in my house. Why can't they be legalized here? During our zoo trip I decided to add "ride a camel" to my bucket list. I don't know if the zoo is my favorite thing, but it is neat to see animals that I would probably never see otherwise.

Oh, and having her cousin's little girl there with us made me really want to have our kid. I seriously can't wait! 157 more days.

Love being married

Just a shout out for being married. I love it! Actually I love WHO I'm married to, that's what makes it great. Let me see if I can explain my feelings about being married to Riki ... it's like that perfectly frozen smoothy on a hot day on the deck of a cruise ship, or when you learn that you're actually getting a 100.07% in Physics, or that perfect day that is partly cloudy but still almost hot but with a nice cool breeze, or when you hear someone say a word that you haven't heard in a long time like "ikky". Does that paint a few emotions?

I love who I love and I don't wanna love anyone else!

My black personality

Take this test!
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See! I told you I have feelings!

Our condo is now under contract, woot! It took a few counter-offers before it was accepted, but if all goes well we should close on it May 1. I hope my good feeling holds out...

General Conference

By far my favorite part about General Conference is downloading the talks, burning them to a disc, and listening to them in my car for the next six months. For me, it is the best way to apply what I have learned in conference. I am always uplifted and get many great ideas of things that I can change/do in my life, and the only way that any of that will get done is to re-listen to those talks until the ideas are put into action.

For anyone interested, click here to download the files. It will be the best use of your time in your car that you have ever had!

I have feelings.

Ok let me explain. Every so often, I get these "feelings" about whatever. Yesterday on our way down to Oak City for the Conference weekend our real estate agent (Alyssa Curran) let me know that two people were going to go by our condo. A little bit after that I told Riki that I "felt" that we were going to get an offer from the visits this weekend and that it would be good, meaning that all will be well. And what do ya know, lo and behold about 8 p.m. on Sunday Alyssa called to tell us that the one of them made an offer on our condo and we should be getting the official offer in the morning and we have until 7 p.m. tomorrow to act on it.

Now, this wasn't the only time that something like this has happened. I told Riki tonight, "just remember that I have feelings."

Now if only I can get a "feeling" about a name for our baby... You see, Riki has been making lists of possible names, but I'm just not sure about any of them yet. I feel sometimes that I need to see the baby first before I can say "yup! that's a (some name)."

I joined the network

At the request of my friend, Brenner, I joined the facebook network. And let me tell you, there are hundreds of people that I know on there. I just joined and requested that like 500 people become my friends. I'm quite sure that there will be many more that I'll want to add as well. I mainly found people from my high school and my mission. My face is now in the book!