Favorite pictures from our Arizona trip.

The full Phoenix album can be seen here. This is me at the Cubs/Royals Spring Training game.

This is us in front of the Mesa Temple.

Riki on a big bench at the base of Superstition Mountains.

Picturesque lake during our drive on the Apache Trail.

This last one needs no explanation.

Crazy neighbor!

Well, where to start...

I have to talk about our neighbor downstairs. I think she is a little crazy or at least bipolar. Ever since Riki moved in here, she has had problems with the neighbor, she can tell you about those. Since we got married I've heard these pounding noises and was always wondering what was going on. At our ward Christmas party we were talking to our other neighbors, who live in front of this crazy lady, and they mentioned that they hear those strange pounding noises as well. Well, tonight Riki and were just at home really doing nothing. I was walking around, making dinner and really doing nothing. Then the pounding started. Very quickly it got louder and then faster and it would stop at start again. Then I noticed that after I walked from our bedroom, down the hall, and to the front door that the pounding shortly followed my same path. That's when I knew it was her!
I was pretty upset by now and told Riki that I was going down to see what was happening. I knocked and she answered and this is exactly what happened:

Me: "Is everything ok, I heard some pounding and was wondering what was going on?"
Neighbor: "I'm tired of hearing the crashes in the front room in the mornings and the balls bouncing around. If it doens't stop you're going to get fined and I'm going to call the police."

I just sat there; amazed at what happened. I went back upstairs and talked to Riki about it and we figured that she is just hearing us walk around. We decided that we're going to call the HOA and complain about her pounding on her ceiling.

If this was the only incident, it wouldn't be a problem. But "when a long train of abuses and [poundings], pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute [frustration], it is their right, it is their duty, to (...) provide (...) for their future security." That is how I feel about the whole situation. We decided that every time she pounds, I'm going to go down and attempt to talk to her about it. I just don't know if anything I say will even sink in.


I feel like a have a neighbor like someone's crazy neighbor in this clip:

Mini Missionary Dinner

Just a few pictures of our mini missionary get-together. There was 10 of us there. It turned out to wonderfully! We ate at Tucano's in Provo and visited about the wonderful days of the mission.

Your Electoral Compass

I really thought this was quite interesting and it only took a few minutes!


Sometimes things just fall into your lap.

Yesterday I was at my good buddy Joe Dunford's house and after a tour of his house we got to the garage and he handed me an electronics receiver (the thing that you plug in your surround speakers into) and told me that they didn't want it and that he knew that I liked stuff like that. It looked like it had been sitting in his garage for quite a while and it was quite dirty. I took it home and cleaned it up a bit and it works just fine. The reason this is so great is because one of my older brothers gave me 5 speakers and another gave me a subwoofer about a month ago. Now I have a full set up! Sometimes things just fall into your lap.

The Top Ten

My sister-in-law Sadie made a list of her "top 10 things that I would love to have right now (and since I'm wishing, I'm gonna wish big)." So I decided I would like to do one as well. They aren't in order of importance except for number 1.

1. First and foremost - Furniture to fill our new house, I imagine it will seem quite empty and obscure for the first little bit.

2. Tint for my car windows.

3. A flat screen, wide screen t.v.

4. Trip to Brazil for the temple dedication - since we are buying a house I am no longer going :(

5. Coming next winter, a SUV with 4WD for my wife so she won't need to take my AWD Subaru. (there are a lot of acronyms in that sentence...)

6. Everything awesome for our new baby!

7. All the necessary outdoor tools for our house (ie. lawn mower, rake, shovel, etc.)

8. 160GB iPod for my car so that I can have all my music and lots of movies at my finger tips.

9. New springish clothes, basically just bright and most importantly LIGHT clothes (as in weight).

10. And last, I would like to buy a vowel (I couldn't think of anything else).

I'm sure there will be lots of things that I would add to this once we move into our house. It's too bad that my birthday falls so close to Christmas :P I am, however, working towards number 3. I have a "fund" that any "extra" money goes into, and Riki told me that she would match the amount in the fund 1 to 1. Right now I have about $280 in it; and with Riki's match, that brings it to $560. Anyone selling a number 3 for $560?