snow removal

As of late I've become somewhat educated on the four different types/ways of removing snow. This may be an "a-ha" moment for some of the readers and others may already know this. However, it has made my removal process much quicker. The four types:
- snow plow (you know the huge machines you see clearing the road that shoot gravel and salt at your car)
- snow blower (personal machine to throw the snow from your driveway, but not the best way of getting the bottom layer off the driveway)
- snow shovel (known to everyone and hated by most people for the laborious work associated with it)
- snow pusher (often confused with a snow shovel but quite different in its utility)

Here are pictures of the last two types:

I truly think that everyone needs both. Oh, and perhaps a square-mouth shovel for the really stubborn ice that just won't move.

movie trailers

Have you ever just taken a look at the list of movies coming out in the next while and been like "man! I need/want to go see like 20 movies in the next few months!" That is how I feel.

Financial Freedom

I just barely finished reading "The Richest Man in Babylon" tonight and absolutely LOVED it! Did you catch that capitalization? Not only did I read the book, I actually STUDIED it. Again, capitalization. I marked important thing with a highlighter, then I underlined parts that were even more important, THEN I even put a star in the margin if I REALLY wanted to remember it. Caps?! You see, this book is a treasure trove of knowledge and it is VERY well written. Not just from the content, but also from the writing language. I thought the author did a masterful job.

Lately I've also been listening a bit to some Dave Ramsey seminars about money, that I got from a friend, and have learned a lot of the same principles that are included in "The Richest Man in Babylon." What does that tell you? It tells you that those money principles have been around for a VERY long time, even back to Babylon! One of my favorite quotes from the Dave Ramsey stuff is about making it so "you happen to your money, instead of your money happening to you.” Also referred to in tRMiB. Some time soon I'll write down some of my favorite quotes from that wonderful book.

It seems to me that life isn't about things happening to you and me, but rather that it should be you and me happening to things; especially in money matters. There are too many wonderful moments in life to have them overshadowed by the threat of increasing debt.

I would highly recommend tRMiB to anyone who reads this blog. I then would HIGHERLY recommend that you apply what you've read. Life without application isn't life at all. It is merely existence.


So let me just say that I'm really not a fan of "exercising." I'm not a big fan of going to the gym to run and get no where. I would much rather play some sort of sport for one hour three times a week. Now that would be my work out. I mean think about all the different kinds of sporty activities that you can engage in ... tennis, frisbee golf aka folf, indoor or outdoor soccer, around the world ping pong, lyman tipsh, softball, and a plethora of others. Now if only I could find the time to play?!

pictures, pictures, pictures

We finally got all of our September pictures on our site Check out the awesome pictures of our sweet little girl.

bucket list item - check!

One of the items on my bucket list was to buy Riki a grand piano. Though we didn't get a grand piano, we still bought a nice upright. We got it from a piano sale at the South Towne Exposition Center. I told Riki we could get one as long as she played it every day when I came home. Here is a picture of the pianist with her new piano:

Who would have thought!?

Isn't it a funny thing that I posted "am I a daddy yet?" on the 13th and had our baby on the 14th?! Emersen Rose Lyman was born on September 14, 2008 at 3:27 p.m. I'm currently in the process of writing everything down about her birth that I can for remembrance. I'll post that as soon as I am done for anyone interested. Here's a cute picture of her:

She is already a week old and it all seems a blur; probably because night and day are the same right now cause we sleep whenever we can.

anything better?

Is there anything better than a homegrown peach? I would submit that there is not.

Chips and Cantaloupe

Based on my expert experience in the realm of husband and wife relationships and marriage after my one year of marriage I would submit that a marriage needs to survive episodes of chips and cantaloupe. Within the first few months of our marriage my wife got a small glimpse of my strangeness. For whatever reason I have always loved potato chips in any flavor. I don't know if my body runs off salt or what causes the insatiable appetite for chips but the appetite exists. One perfectly wonderful evening Riki came home and put a good deal of effort into making our dinner. From the advance preparations of planning, purchasing and emotionally preparing to the actual conception of the meal. Upon setting the table with everything ready I went to the cupboard and grabbed a bag of chips. NO WHERE in Riki's preparations was chips to be included. Why would her husband DESTROY such a well-intentioned loved-cooked meal with CHIPS!?!? The answer, I can't say. My additional on-the-fly add-on to our meal received a less than enthusiastic feeling from Riki. Fortunately our relationship didn't come to an abrupt end with that.

As for the cantaloupe, almost the exact same situation as above. The only difference is that as we were serving up our food onto our plates I didn't grab any cantaloupe.
Riki asked "do you want cantaloupe?"
"Umm, sure."
"Do you not like cantaloupe?"
"Not really."
To which Riki slowly broke down. I thought Riki was upset at me for something else. I'm sure pregnancy had a part to play in this one.

Now, if your marriage can handle chips and cantaloupe, then it can handle anything. That is my expert advice!

Side Note - did you know that Lays Potato Chips are the "healthiest" potato chip? They contain only three ingredients: salt, oil, and potatos. You seriously can NEVER eat just one!

What is up?

If you were to ask me 'what is up?' this is what I would tell you...

Well, we are just about to have our first baby. She is due on September 24th and everything is looking really good. We are both uber excited to have her come. She already moves so much and I wonder if that is any indication of how she'll be when she gets out. We have almost everything ready in the nursery. Riki had me paint the walls, paint the crib (that we got for FREE!) and make a toy chest/window seat. We'll post pictures as soon as the smaller stuff is ready. Now we just need to figure out a name for her. Secretly, I think I'm just going to let Riki pick the name.

I'm currently a student up at the University of Utah and am loving it! I really could attend full time school for the rest of my life. I really enjoy learning. I'm currently working on a minor in business and am taking classes like Finance, Accounting, Markteting, and Management. I'll be finished with my minor after two more classes next semester, so I'll take a couple of art classes to fill my schedule. I'm planning on applying to the Architecture program next year. Oh, and I take the TRAX to and from school and love it. I was just putting in my headphones and tuning out the world when I decided that that was a waste of time. I felt that I could use the time to talk with people and just see what they are doing, perhaps brighten their day or share the Gospel. Now wouldn't that be better use of my time?!

I am also still working doing my own business ventures. During the housing slow down most of our business stopped. We are currently working on a few real estate ventures to try our hand in that. We are also gearing up for the holiday lights season, which I really enjoy! You better believe that our new home will have a bunch of lights on it. Our neighbors across the street from us said that they wanted to sit in their front room so they can look at our lights.

We had Church Stake Conference recently and the Stake President gave us a suggestion to read in the scriptures for 15 minutes every day. So far, I have only missed one day. Sometimes I do the reading on my phone and sometimes I read the scriptures in Portuguese.

All summer I fought our grass and mostly I won, but the war still rages! Rather, it wasn't just the grass I was fighting but also everything else that wanted to grow there. I am most surely decided that without fertilizer, no lawn will ever look good.

Was that a pretty good answer to your 'what's up?' question?

Google me this, Google me that

Let me say that I'm loving all the stuff that Google is doing. They are really making my life much easier.

Gmail: So easy and simple.
Google Reader: it's basically a feed to all my favorite sites. Great way to gather all the blogs into one place for easy reading
iGoogle: Great way to keep a very awesome home page. All my favorite things on one page!

I think everyone should check it out!

favorite fatherhood quotes

My wonderful mother-in-law gave me this cool book called "fatherhood is not for sissies" and I thought I would share a few of my favorite quotes from the book:

"A baby has a way of making a man out of his father and a boy out of his grandfather." - Angie Papadakis

"I have found the best way to give advice to your children is to find out what they want and then advise them to do it." - Harry S. Truman

"Children are supposed to help hold a marriage together. They do this in a number of ways. For instance, they demand so much attention that a husband and wife, concentrating on their children, fail to notice each other's faults." - Richard Armour

"Before I got married, I had six theories about bringing up children. Now I have six children and no theories." - John Wilmot

"My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard. Mother would come out and say, 'You're tearing up the grass.' 'We're not raising grass,' dad would reply. 'We're raising boys.'" - Harmon Killebrew

"One night a father overheard his son pray, 'Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is.' Later that night, a father prayed, 'Dear God, Make me the kind of man my son wants me to be.'" - Auther Unknown

"If you can give your son or daughter only one gift, let it be enthusiasm." - Bruce Barton

"A father is always making his baby into a little woman. And when she is a woman he turns he back again." - Enid Bagnold

kung fu panda

All I can say is HILLARIOUS! I think everyone should see this show. It was very funny and very easy to watch. I really enjoyed it and would like to purchase it when it comes out.

playroom ideas

I need help deciding how to finish my playroom. First off, I'm trying to decide whether to put drywall on the ceiling or leave it open exposing the joists. Leaving it open makes the room a little bigger and also allows for a little extra decorating or painting. Included in this decorating is what type of light to put in the room. I was just going to put a can light in it if I finished the ceiling, but since I might not finish the ceiling... I've looked at a few themes including: castle, sunny day, beach, etc. I've even got two places that I needed to add columns that I could incorporate into the theme.

Though my sister-in-law Sadie doesn't know it yet, I'm going to ask her to be the artist that she is and see if she might want to help me paint the theme into the playroom.

If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'm not looking to do something typical or cheesy. My whole inspiration for this project is "everyone's four at heart." Meaning that the typical adult needs to unleash the child within to conceive the creative ideals for this playroom. Oh well, to bed.

i'm all projected out

Ever since last Saturday I just haven't felt like doing much in the way of projects or yard work or whatever. All of my main projects that I wanted to get done are done, except the play room. I'm just really not excited to do the drywall and the sanding. Oh, and I just got a new project from Riki: to paint our new crib white! We lucked out in that one of Riki's bosses is done having kids and just had this nice crib that they gave to us. Hooray for free stuff! Unfortunately, the color doesn't fit in with our ALL WHITE baby's room :P That just reminded me, I also have to paint the baby's room. But, I can't do that until Riki picks out the color, so I'm off the hook for a minute on that one.

So, anyone want to drywall my play room? C'mon, I'll let you have a sleep over in it when it's done! :)

oh, what can you do with an old desk...

Riki had this neat little desk that we used to use at our previous residence and in the move it was damaged and was basically just scrap. Well, the other day while I was dismantling it I had this crazy idea to use the sliding bars that were used for the roll out keyboard tray. I decided to use the bars for a roll out trash can in the kitchen. So off to Home Depot I went to get some L-brackets and I cut the desk down a bit and used the pieces and attached them to the panel. Now the whole thing rolls out and IS AWESOME!!! Riki and I have wanted to get something like this but did not want to spend the $60 or so that they cost.

toy chest/window seat ... done.

I finished the toy chest/window seat and now it's Riki's turn to be handy and make the cushion that will go on top. I found these cool safety hinges at the hardware store and they are perfect cause they don't allow the lid to come crashing down; you actually have to slightly push the lid to close it. I can't wait to fill it full of toys!

backward neighbors

Today I told Riki that we should really test out our kitchen and bake a bunch of cookies and take them to our neighbors to introduce ourselves to them. We took some cookies to the neighbors on both sides of us and the neighbors on the opposite side of the street. We already met the neighbors on the sides but hadn't met the others. They are all really nice people and it is nice to get better acquainted with them.


Yeah, I meant to put two evers. This past weekend was the dedication of the Curitiba Brazil Temple and we were planning on going until we bought a house. All last week I was really wishing that I could be going. I really wanted to see the people from my mission and just be back there. To say "really wanted" is an understatement. On Saturday, after having thought about what I was missing all day, I came inside and found this:

Next to going to Brazil, this was the BEST surprise that I could have been given. My wife is the sweetest person ever!

Updated Pictures

Finally, after getting internet and linked back into the internet world, we have updated our pictures. April and May are mostly all done. Check 'em out.

This is soooo funny!

Zions Bank recently joined the custom card craze and they are offering one card for free so I decided to get a custom card. Here is what it will look like:

I can't wait for it to come!

3 Projects at Once

I'm currently working on three projects at the same time, well actually a bunch more, but these three are the main ones: toy chest/window seat, paint bucket office cubby, and the coolest play room ever!

The Toy Chest/Window Seat:

This will go in the new baby's room. Riki is going to either make or just buy the seat cover itself. Right now it only has the prime coat on it. This particular project has been taking me about 10 days.

The Paint Bucket Office Cubby:

Riki saw this particular project on Martha Stewart's Living site and told me that I should build one for her. I kept a bunch of paint cans to use, but I think we may just need to buy new ones so that we don't have to take all that time to clean them.

The Coolest Play Room Ever!:

Now this is a project that unless you see it for yourself, you probably won't be able to understand how cool it really is from pictures. This whole project is under our stairs. The first picture is from the side that will become a blanket closet. The other is sort of that ceiling of the room. To open this play room I redid a bit of the framing to allow more space under there and added a few more supports on the sides. There will be an entry way for this room that will be about 2.5'x3'. I'm also going to add a little closet space and a shelf. Again, I just don't think that you can conceptualize it without coming to see it.

Some of my other projects include: a bit of landscape updating, a few electrical changes to our liking, fixing sprinklers, changing a few flower beds, etc. MAN, I LOVE HAVING A HOUSE!!!

Those on the other side

Quite a few times in my life I've felt those of my family who have passed onto the other side. It is always a very familiar feeling, a bit different than feeling the Holy Ghost and yet similar. My family has a bit of a proud heritage that stretches back many generations. Even those generations that are still alive are quite close. I know and am quite close with more of my second cousins then most people are with their first cousins.

Today, during our annual family get-together, a.k.a. M.D.B., we were practicing a song that we're going to sing in church tomorrow called "No Empty Chairs at our Table", or something like that. But it is a really pretty song and it made me feel that sealing connection that binds generations. I remember REALLY coming to know what exactly it is when I was in the Sao Paulo Temple during the first part of my mission and I realized that the sealing connection between me and my family 5,000 miles away is so very real. I could feel the tugging. That was also when I was told that I didn't need to worry about my safety during my mission and I was just to get to work! I know I was watched after.

It seems that every time that connection is felt with those on the other side, I realized how insignificant many things are in my life that I give attention to. Nothing that we have here on this Earth physically can compare to what we can have there. I really want nothing more then to have no empty chairs at our table.

Right now I'm reading the biography of Amasa M. Lyman written by his grandson and I'm absolutely loving how the author basically just tells us the man that we come through and that if we don't understand his life and what he went through then we don't understand ourselves. I'm growing a great admiration for Amasa Lyman. I can't wait to read the other family history books.

Oh that I were an angel and could sing!

I tell you what, when I get to heaven I'm going to get/have the most beautiful voice and I'm gonna sing for everyone! If you've ever heard or seen The Forgotten Carols then you'll remember that part about that little angel that couldn't sing and just had to find his voice and then when he did sing it amazed everyone. That is going to be me!

About having a girl

When I told everyone that we are going to have a girl, one of the guys told me this. "Any guy can make a boy, but it takes a real man to make a girl." So there!

Best and Worst

Best thing is the Curitiba Temple will be open to the public starting tomorrow. Worst thing is I won't be able to go.

kicking around

Well, it's almost 5 a.m. and of course, I'm awake. I went to bed earlyish last night and I knew that I would be up around this time. By earlyish, I mean 11:00. Right now I'm just sitting on my couch in the front room and wanted to post a few thoughts.

-I love our neighbors!
-Can I just magically have all the projects done in my house that I would like to get done?
-I need to get the moving pictures from my mom and put them on our site.
-How long will I actually live in this house? Ever since high school I've never stayed in one place longer than a few months.
-Why is it that suddenly A&W root beer with ice tastes soooooo good?!
-How much time do I need to read all of the books in our study?
-I just love my wife more and more every day!
-Don't bother me this coming Saturday, I'll be working in the yard for most of the day while Riki is shopping with her mother and sister.
-I think life is only 5% what actually happens and 95% what we think about it.
-This is what someone told me when I said we we're going to have a girl: "Any guy can make a boy, but it takes a real man to make a girl." So there!
-I still think that the word love doesn't need any other adjective to help describe it, like unconditional or pure, etc.

On my plate

My mother wrote a post about things that are going on in her life called "on my plate". I'm going to give it a whirl.

On my plate:
-We just found out tonight that we will be having a little baby girl. I'm pretty excited! I have to admit that I was hoping for a boy, but it will be awesome either way. In my family there are six boys and 1 girl, of the boys that have had kids they had girls first and the girl had a boy first. Did that make sense? Goes to show you that fate was inevitable.
-I just took my last final for this semester and am THRILLED that it is over. I was planning on taking a bunch of classes this summer but I became incredibly burnt out when I tried to sell a condo, move to a new house, finish finals and run a business all in the same week. Don't any of you ever try doing that!
-I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE! It seriously is pretty darn cool. Everything looks great. I've spent the past couple of days making trips to the Dome Hepot (yes, I meant to do that) to buy things that we've needed, like: storage shelves for storage room, fire alarms, fire extinguishers, dusk timer for porch light, shovel, broom, hand broom, gas can for lawnmower, towel racks, etc. Still a few more items on the list, but we're almost there.
-We will close on our condo tomorrow and it will be nice to be finally done with everything! Riki said that she never wants to sell anything ever again, I couldn't agree with her more.
-I'm currently trying to decide what I would like to do for school next year. It is probably the hardest choice of my life. If there wasn't so many choices, then maybe I could make up my mind. AHHHHHH!
-My buddy Joe and I are still working on our window and door business. Things took a hard turn during the housing slump but are getting better. In the meantime we've been working on fixing up Joe's house to sell it because he and his family will be moving to Clearfield as soon as they can.

I think that takes care of the main things in my life.

Email Smeemail

Now more than ever I agree with the saying, "Never tackle an issue through email."

Our zootastic day

Today Riki, me, her cousin, her cousin's husband and daughter all went to Hogle Zoo. I think the last time I went there I couldn't really remember anything so it must have been a long time ago. We had a great time in the warmer weather. I particularly liked the camels, rhinos and all the primates. I would definitely have one of those small monkeys in my house. Why can't they be legalized here? During our zoo trip I decided to add "ride a camel" to my bucket list. I don't know if the zoo is my favorite thing, but it is neat to see animals that I would probably never see otherwise.

Oh, and having her cousin's little girl there with us made me really want to have our kid. I seriously can't wait! 157 more days.

Love being married

Just a shout out for being married. I love it! Actually I love WHO I'm married to, that's what makes it great. Let me see if I can explain my feelings about being married to Riki ... it's like that perfectly frozen smoothy on a hot day on the deck of a cruise ship, or when you learn that you're actually getting a 100.07% in Physics, or that perfect day that is partly cloudy but still almost hot but with a nice cool breeze, or when you hear someone say a word that you haven't heard in a long time like "ikky". Does that paint a few emotions?

I love who I love and I don't wanna love anyone else!

My black personality

Take this test!
Your color is black. The color of night. Serene and mysterious, black conjures up images of elegant evening gowns, dashing tuxedos, and gleaming limousines. Traditionally a symbol of success, black also represents power and an uncompromising demand for perfection. Not surprisingly, you tend to set challenging goals for yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve them — your strength of character is second to none. This unfaltering determination, along with your natural elegance, impresses people. But keep in mind that your personality might be intimidating to some. Try to temper your demanding side with a little softness — trust us, it won't kill you. Overall, though, black is the color of professionalism and achievement, which means it's clearly the color for you.

See! I told you I have feelings!

Our condo is now under contract, woot! It took a few counter-offers before it was accepted, but if all goes well we should close on it May 1. I hope my good feeling holds out...

General Conference

By far my favorite part about General Conference is downloading the talks, burning them to a disc, and listening to them in my car for the next six months. For me, it is the best way to apply what I have learned in conference. I am always uplifted and get many great ideas of things that I can change/do in my life, and the only way that any of that will get done is to re-listen to those talks until the ideas are put into action.

For anyone interested, click here to download the files. It will be the best use of your time in your car that you have ever had!

I have feelings.

Ok let me explain. Every so often, I get these "feelings" about whatever. Yesterday on our way down to Oak City for the Conference weekend our real estate agent (Alyssa Curran) let me know that two people were going to go by our condo. A little bit after that I told Riki that I "felt" that we were going to get an offer from the visits this weekend and that it would be good, meaning that all will be well. And what do ya know, lo and behold about 8 p.m. on Sunday Alyssa called to tell us that the one of them made an offer on our condo and we should be getting the official offer in the morning and we have until 7 p.m. tomorrow to act on it.

Now, this wasn't the only time that something like this has happened. I told Riki tonight, "just remember that I have feelings."

Now if only I can get a "feeling" about a name for our baby... You see, Riki has been making lists of possible names, but I'm just not sure about any of them yet. I feel sometimes that I need to see the baby first before I can say "yup! that's a (some name)."

I joined the network

At the request of my friend, Brenner, I joined the facebook network. And let me tell you, there are hundreds of people that I know on there. I just joined and requested that like 500 people become my friends. I'm quite sure that there will be many more that I'll want to add as well. I mainly found people from my high school and my mission. My face is now in the book!

Favorite pictures from our Arizona trip.

The full Phoenix album can be seen here. This is me at the Cubs/Royals Spring Training game.

This is us in front of the Mesa Temple.

Riki on a big bench at the base of Superstition Mountains.

Picturesque lake during our drive on the Apache Trail.

This last one needs no explanation.

Crazy neighbor!

Well, where to start...

I have to talk about our neighbor downstairs. I think she is a little crazy or at least bipolar. Ever since Riki moved in here, she has had problems with the neighbor, she can tell you about those. Since we got married I've heard these pounding noises and was always wondering what was going on. At our ward Christmas party we were talking to our other neighbors, who live in front of this crazy lady, and they mentioned that they hear those strange pounding noises as well. Well, tonight Riki and were just at home really doing nothing. I was walking around, making dinner and really doing nothing. Then the pounding started. Very quickly it got louder and then faster and it would stop at start again. Then I noticed that after I walked from our bedroom, down the hall, and to the front door that the pounding shortly followed my same path. That's when I knew it was her!
I was pretty upset by now and told Riki that I was going down to see what was happening. I knocked and she answered and this is exactly what happened:

Me: "Is everything ok, I heard some pounding and was wondering what was going on?"
Neighbor: "I'm tired of hearing the crashes in the front room in the mornings and the balls bouncing around. If it doens't stop you're going to get fined and I'm going to call the police."

I just sat there; amazed at what happened. I went back upstairs and talked to Riki about it and we figured that she is just hearing us walk around. We decided that we're going to call the HOA and complain about her pounding on her ceiling.

If this was the only incident, it wouldn't be a problem. But "when a long train of abuses and [poundings], pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute [frustration], it is their right, it is their duty, to (...) provide (...) for their future security." That is how I feel about the whole situation. We decided that every time she pounds, I'm going to go down and attempt to talk to her about it. I just don't know if anything I say will even sink in.


I feel like a have a neighbor like someone's crazy neighbor in this clip:

Mini Missionary Dinner

Just a few pictures of our mini missionary get-together. There was 10 of us there. It turned out to wonderfully! We ate at Tucano's in Provo and visited about the wonderful days of the mission.

Your Electoral Compass

I really thought this was quite interesting and it only took a few minutes!

Sometimes things just fall into your lap.

Yesterday I was at my good buddy Joe Dunford's house and after a tour of his house we got to the garage and he handed me an electronics receiver (the thing that you plug in your surround speakers into) and told me that they didn't want it and that he knew that I liked stuff like that. It looked like it had been sitting in his garage for quite a while and it was quite dirty. I took it home and cleaned it up a bit and it works just fine. The reason this is so great is because one of my older brothers gave me 5 speakers and another gave me a subwoofer about a month ago. Now I have a full set up! Sometimes things just fall into your lap.

The Top Ten

My sister-in-law Sadie made a list of her "top 10 things that I would love to have right now (and since I'm wishing, I'm gonna wish big)." So I decided I would like to do one as well. They aren't in order of importance except for number 1.

1. First and foremost - Furniture to fill our new house, I imagine it will seem quite empty and obscure for the first little bit.

2. Tint for my car windows.

3. A flat screen, wide screen t.v.

4. Trip to Brazil for the temple dedication - since we are buying a house I am no longer going :(

5. Coming next winter, a SUV with 4WD for my wife so she won't need to take my AWD Subaru. (there are a lot of acronyms in that sentence...)

6. Everything awesome for our new baby!

7. All the necessary outdoor tools for our house (ie. lawn mower, rake, shovel, etc.)

8. 160GB iPod for my car so that I can have all my music and lots of movies at my finger tips.

9. New springish clothes, basically just bright and most importantly LIGHT clothes (as in weight).

10. And last, I would like to buy a vowel (I couldn't think of anything else).

I'm sure there will be lots of things that I would add to this once we move into our house. It's too bad that my birthday falls so close to Christmas :P I am, however, working towards number 3. I have a "fund" that any "extra" money goes into, and Riki told me that she would match the amount in the fund 1 to 1. Right now I have about $280 in it; and with Riki's match, that brings it to $560. Anyone selling a number 3 for $560?


Our offer was officially accepted tonight and we are planning on moving in on March 28. We are so very excited! Our new address will be 1377 W. Hawksbill Drive, Taylorsville, UT 84123. Just check out the pictures! It is about 2100 sqft. with 3 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. It was all recently and wonderfully remodeled. It is very near the Jordan River Parkway and sits on a quiet street. We're pretty excited! If you want to see all the pictures go to

And let's not forgot all the help of our wonderful real estate agent Alyssa Curran. She really did a wonderful job. She did all the nitty gritty stuff with their agent and it all went quite splendidly! She was very professional and quite a joy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone else!

American Idol Fanatics

I've taken back seat to American Idol! Apparently there are 33 million people that watch that show and my wife is one of them. Last night I went out to the family room to talk to Riki and somewhat purposely sat in between her and this television addiction and after starting my sentence she motioned for me to move. How many other spouses are affected by this show?! How much longer will American Idol take control!


I just finished Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and all the movies aren't anywhere near the actual plot of the book. As for my review of the book; I enjoyed most of it. I had a really hard time with all the literary eloquence of many of the paragraphs. Sure it "made" the book what it is, but it really got to me after a while and I would kind of just skip those paragraphs. I think I would have been "almost" as happy reading the 2-page summary of this book. There are a few good quotes that I liked from this book:

"If the study to which you apply yourself has a tendency to weaken your affections, and to destroy your taste for those simple pleasures in which no alloy can possibly mix, then that study is certainly unlawful, that is to say, no befitting the human mind."

"Nothing is more painful to the human mind than, after the feelings have been worked up by a quick succession of events, the dead calmness of inaction and certainty which follows and deprives the soul both of hope and fear."

"... for excessive sorrow prevents improvement or enjoyment, or even the discharge of daily usefulness, without which no man is fit for society."

"To be a great and virtuous man appeared the highest honour that can befall a sensitive being; to be base and vicious, as many on record have been, appeared the lowest degradation, a condition more abject than that of the blind mole or harmless worm."

"Of what a strange nature is knowledge! It clings to the mind, when it has once seized on it, like a lichen on the rock."

"... his mind expanded in the company of men of talent, and he found in his own nature greater capacities and resources than he could have imagined himself to have possessed while he associated with his inferiors."

I was just thinking that perhaps my favorite part of the book was the narrative of the monster speaking of how he learned about the world around him.

Mardi Gras Mask for Architecture

For my Architectural Design Workshop class we had to design a Mardi Gras mask for an assignment. It really has absolutely nothing to do with Architecture but the teacher wanted to participate in a charity auction for MS. The people who put this together invited all engineers, designers, and architects to participate in designing a mask that can be auctioned off for charity. This coming Tuesday the masks will be auctioned and I want to go see what mine goes for. Probably two bits!

Hold that thought.

I feel lately that I've kind of gone into a holding pattern. Things in my life have all but stopped. I do pretty much the same thing day in and week out. School, work, more school, church, school. I mean January is almost already over! I'm almost 25! Why is it that I feel like this? I really have about a BAZILLION things that I would like to do but can't get out of this holding pattern. I would like to: hang out with my wife more often, develop and market a dice game, model Riki's dream house, visit everyone in my Elder's Quorum, finish Frankenstein . . . ok, all in all, I really just want to sit and relax and spend more time with my wife. Maybe it's the newlywed phase, or maybe I just really like being with her. For example, this Saturday Riki will be having a G.N.O. and I'm getting kicked out of the house. This will be our first real Saturday night apart. I'm not sure that I'm ready for such things... Perhaps, its time. Since I'm getting kicked out, Joseph and Ben and I are all going to go see a movie and perhaps go to dinner. We're having a B.N.O.! Maybe now I'll start going to my friends guys' night HALO parties!

Quote of the Day

"I came to realize that life lived to help others is the only one that matters." - Ben Stein

The Bucket List

Riki and I went to The Bucket List last night and I can't stop thinking about it. Not that I'm thinking about what I need to do before I die but that it was just a great show! It is HILARIOUS! Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman are great together and are definitely both getting quite developed in years. I would recommend the show to most everyone.