Calling all philosophers, logicians, sages, savants, sophists, theorists and wise persons!

I'm in need of some help. I heard a certain thing some time back and for whatever reason I haven't been able to forget it. I also can't stop thinking about it. I think it's mainly that I don't agree with it. I'm asking for everyone who reads this post to comment their thoughts about it and to ask others to comment on it. Perhaps that way I'll understand. Here it is...

I was sitting in a Sunday School class about a year ago during a discussion about something that I can't remember and another person made the comment that "if you're happy when you're poor, than you'll be happy when you're rich." ... What are the implications of such a statement? I'm not understanding. Please help!

Funny twelve days of a cappella Christmas!

You just have to watch this! I think these guys did a great job!

Ben is FINALLY home!

I have a new brother! One that speaks a LOT differently (very low and like a russian), has a bigger jaw, is taller, and could probably kick my butt! It is great to have my long lost brother home after having been apart for almost 4 years.

Hilarious Holiday Commercial

I think this commercial is soo funny!

Best Christmas Mashup

A mashup is "a musical genre of songs that consist entirely of parts of other songs" - Wikipedia. Just check it out and see if you can tell how many songs went into making this one...

Uber Duber Excited!!!

Is it just me or is anyone else super duper excited that Ben comes home in like 12 days!? Seriously, how excited am I! I haven't seen him for three years and 9 months. Ohh, I can't wait!

I know that's not the best picture of us, but that is how I remember Ben. Not too tall and somewhat skinny. I don't think he'll even know who I am.

This is the professional way to hang lights...

The blog title says it all!

My very talented wife.

Of the many wonderful talents that my wife has, I will highlight just one. Yesterday I we went to Temple Square where Riki, my mom, Sadie and Carrie were all playing the piano in the South Visitor's Center. While Riki was playing I remembered that when I was in about high school I always thought to myself that I wanted to marry someone that could play the piano. The funny thing to me is that while Riki and I were dating I didn't even really think about that and than last night I realized that I DID marry someone that can play the piano. I LOVE MY WIFE AND HER TALENTS!


Check out our cool new web site that was "MADE ON A MAC"!

Riki's Birthday Poem

Riki's dad wrote her this poem for her birthday. It is called "Lives Blended" and I think it was a great gift!

Lives Blended

Our daughter has gone and changed her name.
She'll never again quite be the same.
Giddy laughter and brightened face
Her stoic manners now replace.

It took a pretty special guy
To finally catch our daughter's eye.
Someone with wisdom, strength, and charm
To travel life's journey with, arm in arm.

Riki's life was even keeled.
The arts and culture to her appealed.
A thrill to her was a freeway spin
Or a game at Rice Eccles stadium.

That has changed sice they were wed.
Adventures, for her, have lost their dread.
Ocean depths or a downhill run
Are seen by her as having fun.

Daniel too has seemed to mellow.
He's become a rather cultured fellow.
Books and theater for time compete
So "Sponge Bob" now must take back seat.

The two whose lives were surely blessed,
Have blended together the very best
Of who they were to who they are
And on that course they'll travel far.

by Michael Staheli

Thanksgiving in Oak City

We just spent the whole weekend in Oak City and it was GREAT! I got to meet Cody's girlfriend, Erica. She is really nice and seems to get along well with the family. I told her that are family is awesome. I also told her to hang onto Cody and she said that she was planning on it. I'm soooooo excited to see what happens :)

We also watched the U of U game, yes, it's the U game and not the BYU game. Needless to say it has been a fun season for the U. Riki got us season tickets and we went to every home game. I'm going to miss watching Sakoda and McCain as they are seniors and graduating this year. Though, I'm really not a fanatic about any team, I do prefer the U over the Y.

All-in-all it's been a pretty lazy weekend which has been fantastic. I got tired of going on vacations and coming back more tired than when I left. We even put together two 500-piece puzzles!

The Batmobile actually exists!

Driving to work the other day I was privileged to have a sighting of the batmobile. Seriously, this thing had the bat symbol all over it. The whole back was welded and just completely awesome! (click on the picture to view it full sized)

Biggest Mound of Nachos EVER!

So for lunch the other day me and Rory decided to make nachos to use up the rest of the cheese so that it wouldn't go bad. The result was the largest triple-decker mound of yummy nummy nachos ever :)

To Do List...Check!

Do you ever have those days that you feel like you've accomplished a bazillion things? Well, I had one of those today. My day started pretty early and the things I did this morning seem like I did them weeks ago. I guess I crammed so much into one day that it seems like weeks. Now, if only I could have one of those days every day...

New Couches!

We just bought two new couches (a sofa and a matching love seat). You can see the pictures at under 2007->Newlywed Things->Our Condo. The best part was when Riki and I were carrying the love seat up to our condo! Riki wasn't too excited about it. So for the sofa I had to ask a neighbor to help me bring it up.

Because the couches are new they are a little stiff, so Riki told me I had to break them in. Now, every time I get home or am brushing my teeth I take off my shoes and walk on the couches.

Celebration of Riki

Today is Riki's birthday celebration because her actual birthday is the day after Thanksgiving and we will be o.o.t. and I wanted to have her celebration with just the two of us. I'm going to write today's itinerary because I know that Riki won't look at this until Monday because it's a surprise!

-wake and make Riki breakfast
-go to the temple
-shop at Ikea and Taipan Trading
-Riki's Sveedish massage
-U of U football game
-dinner at Tuscany (a fancy pancy Italian restaurant)
-build a fire in our fireplace and watch a movie

Doesn't that sound like an awesome day?! Of course, all spent with my wonderful wife!

Our Newlywed Things

I finally took pictures of both our cars and our quaint condo. Check them out by visiting and viewing 2007 -> 11.November -> Newlywed Things.

I think Riki and I are quite blessed. We we're given quite a few things for our wedding and seem to have everything we could ever need. How great it is to be married!

What was I for Halloween? Boring...

Yeah, Riki and I really didn't do much this Halloween. In fact, it's 8:48 right now and we are home in bed. How cool are we? We didn't dress up or do anything else special. The only thing that I did was give out the candy at my parents house. Oh well, time for bed.

My life of books

Old Testament - I've been listening to the Old Testament on CD for about a month and I am currently in Exodus 4. I know...I'm cruising! Only eleventy billion chapters to go! So far, I'm absolutely loving it! Yesterday I found myself sitting in my car at our home waiting for a chapter to finish.

Neal A Maxwell: A Disciple's Life - I recently finished reading the biography of Neal A. Maxwell and would highly recommend it to anyone. It taught me a great deal about Discipleship and there are about a gazillion quotes from that book that I need to write down.

Frankenstein - After finishing the Maxwell book, Riki asked me if she could pick my next book for me. And now, I'm off on the fantastical story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. Did you know that Frankenstein and the Vampire story were written because of a scary story contest? Check it out here and look under "Shelley's Inspiration.

Jesus the Christ - Let's not forget the book that I've been reading since the beginning of the the year; Jesus The Christ by James E. Talmage. Because of my other literaturical pursuits, yup literaturical, I've only been reading this book on Sundays, but I do have the goal to finish it by year end.

Maybe I should make a website for new words like literaturical...

Also, this list doesn't include the occasional artical or magazine, like "Positive Thinking."

Tagged - I'm It

1. 5 things I was doing 10 years ago...

Hmm, can I even remember that far back? I was in ninth grade at Kaysville Junior High. I was getting very good grades, I believe around a 3.9 GPA. I was probably just worrying where the Halloween party was going to be :P

2. 5 things on my to do list tomorrow...

Let me tell you, it's right here on my to do list, and probably tomorrow! Get a truck, go to the gym, reply to emails from people from my mission that sent wedding wishes, take pictures of everything as a picture journal, and create a new dice game.

3. 5 things I would do with a million dollars...

Probably nothing. Invest. Actually I would do whatever my wife wanted to do :)

4. 5 things/toys I like to play with...

My car, computer, ipod.

5. 5 things I want to see...

The Pantheon, the pantheon, the pantheon, the pantheon, the pantheon.

Blame it on Bocce

So last Saturday, Riki and I volunteered for the Utah Special Olympics at the U of U Institute. We were put in charge of judging/refereeing a Bocce game. It was a tournament and we had 4 teams that played on our court. All the teams were quite awesome! I measured the distances from the balls and apparently didn't do it right and a member of one of the teams didn't think I did it right and started to get mad. Off to a good start. After that, the games went smoothly. It was a lot of fun and I would like to do it next year. Like another volunteer said, "it sure lifts your spirits just being around them."

Now the reason for the blog title. Over the passed few days Riki has mentioned that she has been a little sore. First on her calves, than her back, etc. She thinks that it was from the Bocce games. Other than standing for about 4 hours, there was no strenuous activity. So for whatever reason, if anything is sore, "blame it on the Bocce."

Tender Mercies

For some reason, over the past few months I have had more contact with people from my mission than ever before. It sure is a lot of fun to hear from all of them and to see how they are all doing. This is a picture that one of them sent me of a trip to the Sao Paulo temple that young men and women did. We taught and baptized the families of the girl on the top left and the family of the girl on the top right. How awesome it is to see such a site!

Photo Journal

During my mission I took sooooo many pictures. I think I took over 1000 pictures during the two years of my mission. I took pictures of every house, spiders, animals, blah, blah, etc, etc. Any way, I've decided that I would like to take more pictures of our house, my car, my work, blah, blah, etc, etc. Doing this is how I keep my journal. Since I've NEVER been good at writing in a journal, this is as good as it gets.

Food Storage

For everyone to know, Riki and I have at least a 3 months supply of food storage! We had a family home evening and read the "All is Safely Gathered In" pamphlet. We then evaluated our food storage and what more we would need. We got a 20 gallon water storage thing for our wedding that we filled up with fresh water. We even have two 72 hour kits. We also have some on-hand cash for an emergency. We decided that a 3 months supply is all that our little condo can hold. I feel really good about this cause just last week we had ward conference and the members from the Stake came to visit and they gave us a few goals. One was at least one months supply of food. It is always a good thing to follow those that represent the Lord.

Next weeks FHE will be on the other pamphlet about family finances...

I feel sad for all you other "poor unfortunate souls."

I just feel bad that no one else has THE BEST WIFE in the world. It really is a shame that everyone else has at most second best.

I'm going to share a little personal insight into our lives. Sometimes Riki catches me just watching her and I'm sure she thinks it's kind of weird, but sometimes I just like to watch her. She is so beautiful! Take this morning for example, she looked amazing and I didn't even tell her that.

Too bad so sad for everyone else that isn't as blessed as me!

Pictures as far as the eye can see!

Finally! All of our pictures are on our website:

All of OUR together pictures are there and all of MY pictures from before I knew Riki. Hope ya'll enjoy them!

Snow, football, and wonderful weather!

So, yesterday it snowed on us at the U football game. It was soo cold that we could only stay to the end of the third quarter, than we had to leave. It's a good thing to know that we are die hard fans, but only to the end of the third quarter... Now it's Sunday and the weather is beautiful! The sun is shining though it's still a little cold. What a wonderful weekend!

Mind is running in circles.

Right now it's 11:10 pm and I simply can't sleep. My mind just won't relax. Does it ever get tired? Sometimes I just wish I could stop thinking entirely and see what happens. Maybe than I could get to sleep.

I guess I better go read or do something else to help me get to sleep. Nighty night!

NEW BLUE CHEERS! Sprinkle in the water . . .

And thus begins the online blogging life of Daniel Lyman. My wife just recently started her own blog, so I thought I'd give it a try. My entire family already blogs, so why not me...?